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This FREE Service for all CCMST participating companies / employees allows you to post your Requirements (Nation Wide) for your Plant, Facility, etc.  Your network of Peers has full access to this allowing for the best possible candidates for no fiscal compensation.  

To get further information on all Job Postings across Canada - please ensure you fill out the "Facility Form" and submit it to CCMST.

Traditional 'Head Hunting' companies can and will charge you as much as 20% of the base fee for this service - with CCMST, it is Free.   Just email us ( your 'Position Profile' and we will endeavor to have it on the site in 24 hours.

As well, we all know that there are many Qualified candidates looking for work in the Maintenance & Shutdown field.  Due to various reasons - they are looking.  If you are from the Industrial Maintenance, Shutdown or Turnaround "world" - feel free to reach out to us and we will post your Profile on the site for Free.    Just email ( in the email bodyt)) us your: NAME, LOCATION, CONTACT DATA, (email, phone & Linkedin), TITLE OF LAST 2 JOBS / COMPANIES WORKED FOR (AND DURATION AT EACH IF UNDER 10 YEARS) AND A 1 OR 2 LINE DESCRIPTION OF WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR / WILLINGNESS TO RELOCATE / CAMP JOB etc. (And please don't forget to send a Word or Pdf copy of your Resume as well)

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